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About Company

“A to Z Electrotrade” is India’s known channel partner of reputed Indian & International brands. The company flagged off in 2005 at Gurugram, Haryana situated in the Northern region of INDIA, the family business with a humble begining and king size dreams initiated the change in pattern of response and service to the customers. Our business model is designed in an accuracy on providing services as committed to out customers. The committments of “A to Z” and their efforts have resulted in growth and expansion on the network. Today “A to Z” is a company spreading our hands in helping our customers to lower the supply chain cost with increase in efficiency and our efficient employees are working timelessly to fulfill the commitments we made..

Through our distribution channels we provide high standards quality assurance goods with required certifications, inspections and regulators services to manufacturers, brand owners, dustributors, buying associations, consumer associations and retailers.


Message from Director’s Desk
( Mr. Rajiv Gulati)

Whenever we have Goals, we need to make them measurable, and for this measure we introduce our Key Perfomance Indicators or KPI’s – these KPI’s should pertain your responsibilities within the organization and hence those aread where the results will directly impact the above goals – those should be the KRA’s.

For Example , for a sales person, the first goal translates the KRA’s to his/her target , the second to the Gross Margin of their orders, the third to Sales operation processes which they are supposed to follow and the last, professional and personal development including his/her required trainings, skill development etc.

Another example would be a person from Operations – the first goal translates the KRA’s to her revenue target, the second to productivity therefore profitability, the third is following of the various processes for revenue generation and the last to the training & development in both his/her professional and personal domain.

I would also draw your attention to one of the precepts which our Great Indian Army follows-

Proper Planning leads to Prolific Performance.

Please think about strategy and plan your work- there has to be a master plan for the year, a backup plan for contingencies, a plan for the quarter, a plan for the month and of course a weekly plan. If some thought is given to our plans, then we can devise strategy which would make us more productive, more efficient and more adaptable.

Let us strive this year to overachieve our targets and Goals.